Download Wechat V5.0.1 APK for Android

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Here you know about the features of wechat v5.0.1 apk for android and get apk file.

Wechat is a popular messaging application which is available for smartphones.You can use it on android phones too,already 300 millions of people used this messaging application.There are lot of features available on this application and all of them for free.By using this application you can make voice and video calls to your friends who installed wechat on their mobiles.The total communication done with internet and there is no hidden costs.It becomes the best communication app on all android app stores because it gives so many premium features for free and there is no time limit like whatsapp 1 year limit.So you can use it for free life long and enjoy the free voice and videos with your friends.
Here you can download apk file of wechat v5.0.1 for android.

Features of Wechat v5.0.1 APK File:

wechat apk for android


Voice is the main thing on every free calling application.In that’s way every one prefer best app in that quality.Here wechat is first in the list with high definition audio with noise reduction.So you can make calls to your friends with crystal clear voice.

Group Chat: 

If you have large friend circle and every one have smartphone then you can contact with everyone in your group by turning on walkie talkie mode in wechat application.Yes it has inbuilt real walkie talkie mode and you can communicate up to 40 people using this feature.


Now a days social media presence is increased dramatically and every one share their feelings and happy moments with their relatives and friends.That’s why every communication application try to implement social networks in to their application. Wechat also implement some useful sharing options which are mostly available on popular social networking websites those are share,like and comment on pictures of your friends.


The main problem with these free messaging and calling applications is you need to add all your friends contacts into that application manually.This is the time taking process so to reduce your work wechat implement a feature which will automatically import all contacts from your mobile to application.You can add your friends instantly by importing your mobile contacts


Actually most of the android applications done data thefting with your permission.If you observe while installing every application on smartphone it asks some permissions.In the same way they store your call history and other personal messages.But wechat never do these things,chatting and other conversation never recorded,all done privately.


There is no specific login and logout options available for this application.So you never miss any message from any person in your network.

File Transfer:

Wechat is not only works as communication application but also works as file transferring application.You can easily send images and videos simply to your friends with one click on application.


This is the main thing for every free Calling application.Most of the applications doesn’t work perfectly with out having high internet connectivity like 3G or wi-fi.But this application works with 2G connection also.As well as it works on3G plans of your mobile or use wi-fi connection
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    What’s new in Latest Version?

    • Fixing the crash which is occurred on Portuguese version
    • You can download unlimited stickers from sticker shop
    • Swipe to the left to delete a conversation
    • Some other miner bug fixes
    Download wechat v5.0.1 apk for android

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