Top Five Best Phablets to Flaunt

Top Five Best Phablets to Flaunt

Phablets are tablets that also function as a smartphone. It is larger than a phone and smaller than a tablet, but works as both. From making calls and browsing the web to checking emails and downloading apps, phablets allow you to do so many things all at the touch of a finger. And, with the Phablets gaining popularity fast, it is predicted that they will not only rule in 2014, but are here to stay.

Here are the top 5 phablets available in the market today. 

Top Five Best Phablets to Flaunt

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is one of the best phablets available today. With a 5.5″ Super AMOLED display of 1280 x 720 pixel resolution and capacitive touchscreen with multi touch and Corning Gorilla Glass 2 protection, Galaxy Note 2 is a superb device anyone would love to own. It is a powerhouse with a Quad core 1.6 GHz Cortex A9 processor and runs on 4.1 (Jelly Bean) offering access to thousands of apps from Google Play. It comes with a 2 GB RAM and 16GB, 32GB or 64GB built-in memory that is expandable.


HTC Droid DNA is a terrific phablet with super specs and design. It has a 5-inch super LCD of  1920×1080 pixels resolution giving incredibly sharp images. The resolution beats any of the smartphones or phablet available today. It boasts an 8 mega pixel camera at the rear and a 2 mega pixel camera at the front. HTC Droid DNA is a powerhouse with a Quad core 1.5GHz Krait processor and 2GB of RAM. Even with the drawbacks of having only 16 GB non-expandable memory and a non-removable battery, it is still an impressive phablet, to own.

Huawei Ascend Mate

The 6.1 inch phablet from Chinese manufacturer Huawei gives 720 x 1280 pixels resolution display and features a “Magic Touch” screen that will respond to commands even with gloves.  It comes with a quad-core 1.4GHz processor and 2GB RAM. The Ascend Mate runs on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, with Huawei’s own Emotion user interface that includes many new features. It has an incredible 4050mAh battery that would give you hours and hours of talk time, web browsing, movie-watching and so on.

LG Optimus Vu II

LG Optimus Vu II is one among the “Top Five Phablets” list. It comes with a 5-inch HD-AH-IPS display and a resolution of 1024×768 pixels. It means an aspect ratio of 4:3 that will make web browsing and watching movies easier on the eyes. It’s a relief that the device comes with 16 GB internal memory that is expandable. The Optimus Vu II is fast enough with a Dual core 1.5GHz Krait processor supported by a 2 GB RAM. The only drawback is it has a 2020mAh battery that is not removable.

Asus Padfone Infinity

The 5-inch display tablet-cum-phone with 1920×1080 pixels resolution is powered by 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor and runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. It has a  Super IPS+ LCD Capacitive touchscreen that is coated with Corning Gorilla Glass offering protection to the screen from scratches. The Asus Padfone, when it will be launched will come with 32 and 64 GB non-expandable internal memory. It boasts a 13 mega pixel rear camera and a 2 mega pixel front camera. The gadget is   packed with Li-Po 2400 mAh battery and the PadFone Station, which is optional, has an 5000 mAh battery.


Essential Android apps with best design

There are some Android apps that are excellent examples of how design can help make life easier. Simple, elegant and tidy Interfaces help us spend more time within the application. The styles are varied, and not all have lines that follow the Google brand. If we finish care applications with visually pleasing and have to dig, but find true works of art.

Do not forget that the Play Store applications are putting the batteries in this regard. There go those that we think are the most artistic and creative applications. Few of which any developer and designer would be proud to have in their list.

1. Flipboard


Flipboard is one of the most popular news readers that continue to be updated and improving day after day. It has a very clean design, based on large images and clear gray tones to read the news. The interface is based mainly to imitate the style of a magazine, sliding from right to left page and we will see a very similar effect to that of a book sheets. An essential application, that has a design team totally committed.

Rating: 4.5


2. Molto


We could have included the implementation of Gmail since its redesign in the form of cards is much improved. But Molto has a few lines that deviate from the Google design and which we believe is very elegant. Also is based on a kind of cards to read mails with a powerful preview and dominated by dark tones with blue and white background.

The application has several defaults to move between the various menus gestures and a guide bar which allows us to skip several pages at once. We can synchronize the application with Facebook or Twitter and synchronize images. It also has an embedded browser to avoid having to exit the application when the mail contains a link.

Rating: 3.4




The base cannot be simpler, but also has many interesting features that can help us better organize our day. The minimalist, uncluttered and very light colors interface made famous among Android apps for taking notes. A clear example of applications of letters need a design that makes us focuses on what we write.

Rating: 4.5


4. Jiffy


This timer also has a clear and minimalist interface. The application is very simple, and so very practical, as it lacks any configuration. We only need to add a project and associate it with a specific theme and appear on a dashboard. When we start working on it, just have to press it, the counter will start. When we’re done, press again and you are done.

The application has quite simple calendars and charts to keep track of our record. So at a glance we can see how many hours we tossed in a particular job. Another simple and clear design, and decorated with vivid colors that help us to focus on what’s important.

Rating: 4.4


5. Feedly


The new feed reader is excellence. Feedly has been renovated numerous times. In the latest version we have widgets, colorful and quick menu. This is a new source which greatly facilitates reading and a scroll fluid. It allows application from a small menu to easily share any article we read.

These texts are presented in various ways, either ready or smaller images next header. For a long time forget Google Reader and is partly due to how well designed is the Feedly app.

Rating: 4.5



10 Properties to Design a Web Home Breaker

The title of a web page is in most cases the most important section. In this collection I selected 10 covers sites that for one reason or another, I found very good, each due to a particular feature. The idea is that you may find inspiration for your own projects.

But before you can design a good cover, you have to understand what makes a cover is bad. A bad cover is one whose bounce rate is very high, i.e., one in which most of the users who see it leave without browsing the rest of the web.

A cover is so bad that it does not transmit anything to the visitor, one in which is lost and cannot find the information you seek. A bad cover will often visually unappealing. A bad cover is also one whose chaotic structure prevents the user to focus on the most important elements.


For me, the 10 most important features to design a Web Home groundbreaking are:

1. The Slogan: Squared Eye

“Make Waves”define exactly what you want to convey Squared Eye on its cover. The slogan is a vital element in any marketing campaign and can be accommodated on the cover of the Web to enhance the main idea you want to convey.

2. Interesting Design: Carol Rivello

This is an example of a cover that exudes good design in spades. You can like more or less, but a twist will always be appreciated by visitors even at the subliminal level.

3. Hook: Somebody Wake Up

The “hook” is that element, whether the logo, a picture, etc … that gives a touch of humor to the cover.

4. Structure: Foxtie

The structure of the cover is paramount in allowing the user to navigate and see at a glance the service or product offered by the web. For Foxtie you’ll find it clear and concise the 4 services offered, each accompanied by a visual icon, and above it a series of visual explanations may well be work done or any other idea you want to convey.

5. Do not make scroll cuts: Studio 7 Designs

There is a tendency to try to avoid the scroll on the front, so that many of them tend to be miniaturized. Personally I think it is wrong. If you need to explain more elements of the web, provided that the structure is good, feel free to expand vertically.

6. If you have a very specific service, put big: Six Foundation

The product or service must be present on the cover. If for example you offer web design … put it very big, that they know all!

7. Use colors, backgrounds and different sizes depending on the size of the text: Enviramedia

And for that the combinations are endless. Tones usually near the warm colors like red tones stand out more than cold as blue or green. But everything depends on the items, sizes and backgrounds you use.

8. Dynamic content: Veerle Duoh

One of the great successes would be to migrate the original cover to cover static type dynamic content from users. Indexing in Google soared, largely due to the new Google indexing engine: Caffeine

9. Be concise: Puzzle Tree Music

Be concise, especially if you have very different services from each other. Explain them in summary and visual icons accompany them. And as we mentioned when we talk about the structure, place them in a visible place

10. Be original: Sofasurfer

Even to announce a change of page or brand, you can be original.

 Final Thoughts

I hope that this collection has inspired you and really will serve to design covers groundbreaking. If you don’t agree with any of the above 10 features or if you think of any more you can leave a comment.

This article is written by Rargoc, who is currently working for londonrickshaws.

Get Licensed Software for Free Every Day

Just assume if a website give commercial software for free and the same process is done by that website daily.How it was?its beautiful.Yes in internet one website is available which offers licensed software for free to every user.
Most of the computer users love to use freeware and I’m also like freeware because there is no need to put money for that software.But some works can only done by the commercial software and there is no immediate alternative is available for that software.Now this would be past and you can get most of the paid versions for free and that would be done on daily basis.
Here I reviewed one website which gives commercial software for free on the daily basis.Already they give most useful software for free and still the count is increased.

What is that website?

That website is which runs successfully from the last 8 years by delivering so much useful software for free to users.This is the one and only website which gives paid software for free to users.

How to Get Software for Free?

Getting commercial software for free from this website is very easy and it will be done within minutes of time.
Once you visit this website it displays today’s product which is available for free with a timer.The timer indicates how much is available to download and install it on your pc.
Click on the link “proceed to download page” and it navigates to product description page with all details.Click on the download link to get software within a zip file.

How to Install Downloaded Software Successfully within the time?

1. After downloading the file extract zipped file and you will get three files.Make sure to check readme file to install it successfully on your pc.
2. Click on setup file to install it on pc and make sure check internet connection is available or not.
3. After completing the installation process you will need to register the product before the giveaway period ends otherwise it won’t work on your pc.
4. To do this click on the book icon of the software and select registry button to activate your software.
book icon
5. Enter the user id and registration code,finally click on confirm button to complete the activation process.

Some Points you need to Know about this Giveaway:

  • If you install any software from giveawayoftheday then it doesn’t provide any customer care support.
  • You cannot get any future updates and patches for that software.
  • You only use it for personal use and could not be used on companies.

How it Would be Benefit to Bloggers?

Yes this is useful to bloggers who blog about technology and software related issues.You can place their sticker on your website and conduct daily giveaway for free.
That sticker is daily updated with every day giveaways of software.So you can grab more visitors to your blog by using this opportunity.

Is it Recommended to Use these Software in your pc?

Yes but choose software wisely which are useful to you and once check for that software in Google to get the correct results of that product.I think most of the software came from this website are checked by them.
So try to select good software which is most useful to you and get maximum benefit from that giveaway.

What is your opinion about this website?let me know about your opinions through the comment box.

5 Best Keyboard Apps for Android

Here is the list of 5 best and free keyboard apps for your android mobile which allows you to type easily and increase the productivity.
android keyboard apps
Most of the android mobiles have default keyboard layout but it doesn’t comfortable to all mobile devices with limited features and functionality.So here I provide 5 keyboard apps which are available for free of cost.
Swiftkey is the best selling keyboard app in all google play store countries with 170,000 reviews.By using this application you can type messages and other things quickly with accuracy.


  • The main thing in this application is it shows the next word by using prediction.
  • This app provides so many tutorials related to better keyboard functionality.
  • It supports upto 60 languages and you can mix three languages at a time without changing the setting.
  • You can use it for free first 1 month and it doesn’t reveal your data online.
  • It doesn’t record data from password fields by the way your accounts are safe.

2. SlideIT

SlideIT is another good keyboard app for android mobile users with its awesome features which were helpful to users by giving the correct results while typing the letters.By using this application you can type letters seamlessly without much effort.


  • You can enter text by using the feature speech to text.
  • It have built in support for so many languages with predictive text support.
  • You can easily customize your keyboard skin with more than 60 personalized skins.
  • It have different keyboard layouts along with normal QWERTY layout.
  • It have better word prediction with more than 70 language support.
Swype keyboard app is a free keyboard app with full functionality and accuracy.This application reduce the time of typing with more speed using simple touch support.It supports more languages and you can also download more languages.


  • It have personal dictionary backup and sync feature which allows you to get in touch any swipe installed device.
  • Wide range of themes are available to change the look of keyboard layout.
  • It had prediction feature with more features,it shows words based on your previous usage.
  • Gestures are useful to perform tasks quickly by swiping the screen.
  • You can use this keyboard app free for first 30 days.
This is another keyboard application which reduces old style typing and makes you ninja in the keyboard typing with smart word prediction and several gestures.It saves up to 90% of keystrokes and complete the tasks quickly.


  • Input the letters and numbers by just sliding up and down gestures.
  • T+ dual letter layout makes normal keys bigger than querty.
  • It supports more than 70 languages and even more
  • One hand keyboard layout for large touch screen devices.
  • This app had one unique feature touchpal wave sensitive gesture feature to predict words.
  • Keyboard meter and speed statistics tracker are available.
  • Multiple themes are available to change the keyboard layout and some toolbar plugins are available.
GO Keyboard is the wonderful keyboard application which predicts the words before you typing the full words.It had lots of features like predictive text,speech to text,fantasy text to type text with full speed.
go keyboard


  • Auto memory and corrective text as you type in the mobile.
  • Predictive in multi languages and had many keyboard layouts.
  • It supports variety of themes which will change the actual layout into beautiful layout.
  • It supports more than 70 languages with predictive text support.
  • Pad mode is useful to various types of tablet devices.
  • It had gesture support to slide the layout up and down.
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How to Reset Browser Settings

reset browser settingsThis how to guide explains about how to reset browser settings in windows.Why we need to reset browser settings to its default?there are so many reasons for this,few of them are some toolbars like delta search,Babylon search change the browser homepage and search engine to their websites,some functions might not be work due to crash problems.
To fix all these problems you need to do reset operation on browser settings and get them back to normal state.

How to Reset Browser Settings in Firefox?

Firefox will allows you to get back your browser to normal state by resetting the browser settings.Here is the procedure for that
1. First open Firefox browser in normal mode and click on Help menu and select “Troubleshooting information” from that menu.You can access the same page by typing about: support in the address bar.
troubleshooting information
2. Now it shows all information about the Firefox web browser and give access to copy the raw data from the browser.
3. Click on Reset Firefox to get it back to default state.It only removes extensions,add-ons,browser settings,search engine preferences and other settings.But not remove your valuable data like bookmarks,browsing history,saved passwords and online form data,cookies etc.
reset firefox
4. For this it asks your permission to save this data in computer with a separate folder named as Firefox old data on desktop.
import wizard

How to Reset Browser Settings in Chrome?

Like Firefox chrome browser also give an option to reset browser settings and get the browser to normal state.
1. Click on menu icon in the chrome browser and select settings option from that menu.
2. Now navigate to bottom of the settings and click on advanced settings.
3. After that you will see an option that is “Reset browser settings”.Click on that button to reset all settings in the browser.
reset settings in chrome
4. It Opens a dialogue box,click on reset button to reset all settings.Here in chrome it will delete cookies and other cache data also along with browser settings.
reset chrome browser

How to Reset Browser Settings in Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer also provide resetting browser settings feature to recover from the malware changes in the browser like homepage changing,default search engine changing etc.
1. Open Internet explorer,click on the wrench menu and select Internet options.
2. Now navigate to the “advanced” tab in the available tabs and you will see on option at the bottom of the dialogue box.That is Reset Internet Explorer Settings.
internet settings
3.  Click on that “reset’ button and it will open another dialogue box which contains all settings details like security,privacy,pop-up settings and advanced options,disable toolbars and add-ons etc.
4. If you want to delete your personal information like cookies,browsing history etc check the box “delete personal settings”.
5. After checking that box click on reset button to reset all settings of Internet explorer.
reset internet explorer
The changes you made will be appear on next system reboot.


Recent malwares and toolbars are more stronger than before and they didn’t complete remove from the browsers.For this type of toolbars some times browser resetting may not work.
Here I show the procedure for top 3 browsers which are used by most of the internet users.That’s why I mention these 3 browsers.If you feel this how to guide may helpful to your friends just share them.

10 Best Google Search Tips you Need to Know

I think every internet user use Google at least one time in the day for so many purposes.But most of the time you cannot get the right result within less time and the available results may distract you in another way.So here I share 10 best search tips to do searching on Google wisely and complete the task with in the time.

search for exact phrase

1. Shop and Compare

In our daily life we bought most of the goods after reviewing products on at least 5 or 6 stores.In the same way you can compare the price before buy any item on internet and go for best one after reviewing those prices in various locations.
For this purpose Google introduce one search option “shop and compare” which shows the various prices for searching item.To do searching just enter the name of that product and click on search button.

2. Get Currency Conversions

This search tip is mostly useful for all people especially for business people.It almost convert every country currency into another country currency and update day-to-day with real-time conversions.
Type any country currency in words or symbols like $ and click on search button.By default it shows euro currency.Now you can change it to any other currency by choosing currency 1 and currency 2.

3. Locate Earthquake Activity

This search function gather information from u.s geological survey about the recent earth quake activity in the world and show the information about that incident.
It shows some detailed information about earthquake with date,time and magnitude of the earthquake.To do this just type “earthquake” in Google search.

4. Calculate anything

Now you can use Google search engine as a powerful scientific calculator.Yes Google implements useful calculator for every user to calculate mathematical functions and do more calculations with in seconds of time.
To use this calculator just do any calculation on the search box like 15-22 and it displays the result on the calculator.

5. Search by file type

Searching for specific topic is easier than searching for all topics.I mean if you want a theory on a particular topic and search for that in Google will give tons of details.Alternatively if you know the specific file type of that theory it will be easy on Google.
For example here I search  for computer basics slideshow presentation with particular file type like“computer:ppt”.Now you get all results with slideshow presentations.If you click on any result it downloads into your computer.

6. Search with Goggles

Now there is no need to type anything on the search box.If you have iPhone or android mobile then try Google goggles instead of typing words.Just take the picture with this application and wait for results.
This is useful when you visit a new place and you don’t anything in that place.Just take the snap with app and get results.

7. Check flight times

If you are an U.S resident and want to know about the flight arrival and departure times then try Google search.Yes Google shows information about U.S flight timings by typing the flight name and number like “British airways 268”.
It shows the arrival and departure time of the flight with an estimated time.

8. Search within a specific site

This is the well-known command which was used by webmasters but it is new to normal users.By using this search command you can search within specific site.This feature helps you to dig more about any website.
To get results of only one website type in the search box and you will get all pages and results of that website.Here replace with any other website.

9. Search with an exact phrase

If you know about the word which you want to search on internet then try to use that word perfectly and get instant,accurate results about that.For example if you want to know about laptop then type that word within quotes.
Like this “Laptop” now you can get results only related to that word and reduce the time-wasting,shows the main pages about that topic.

10. Get the Time

Everyone had curiosity to know about the present time on various locations.Now you can do that using Google search by typing the country or location name followed by a word time.That means just type “time America” and you will get the current time of united states of America and some other near by locations.

I hope these 10 Google search tips are useful to every internet user and you can reduce the time by following these tips.If you feel these are helping to everyone then share these tips with your friends.

Transfer Installed Program to Another Computer Easily

Today we’re going to discuss about transferring the installed programs from one windows computer to another windows computer.

pickmeapp application

let us assume if you want one software which in not available on software directories but it is already installed on your friend’s pc So what to do?get the setup file from your friend and install it on your pc. It’s okay if setup file is available but there is no setup file available then what to do?I think you almost lose the hope,don’t worry there is an application which helps you to transfer installed software from one windows pc to another pc.

Here I explain the process of transferring installed programs from one computer to another computer easily.

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How to Transfer Installed Programs from One Windows PC to Another?

1. First you need to download one application to do this process that is “pickmeapp”.You can download it from the below link.
Download Pickmeapp light

This is light version,if you want full version create an account on pickmeapp website and download full version.

2. Now install it on your pc with some concentration because this program pack up with third party software which changes your browser home page.So simply decline those software while installation.

pickmeapp installation

3. Click on finish button to run the application on your windows pc.

4. Now it shows all programs installed on your pc one side and shows some useful freeware other side.

5. If you want to install your pc application on other pc choose that application and click on capture button.It takes some time to finish the capturing process based on application size.

capture program

6. Now it creates the installation with .tap extension and save it on specified folder.

7. You can simply copy that file into usb drive and install it on another windows pc using pickmeapp application.

Pickmeapp also provides some free and useful tools in tap format and you can save them in .exe format.So you can install it on any pc without doing all these process separately.

save as exe in pickmeapp

This is the process of transferring installed programs from one windows pc to another windows pc.


Some programs may not work with out its supporting files that means some software will only run on dot net framework and some other software will only run based on adobe air installer.

So you need to capture those supporting software to run all programs perfectly on other windows computers.

You can also configure settings to use it in your way and make it easier to complete the capturing process.

settings of pickmeapp


This is a simple one to use and perform moving your favorite applications from one windows pc to another pc.

If you face any problems during installation and capturing the applications leave a comment in the below comment box.We will try our level best to help you.

Top 5 File Manager for Android

top 5 file manager for androidHere I provide top 5 file manager for android which manages all files and apps on your android mobile.

File manager is an useful productivity application which gives more options to manage your android mobile files,apps and other settings etc.Actually every android mobile has inbuilt file explorer to manage all files and other apps.But it doesn’t have much options to manage your files on mobile.So we need to use one powerful file manager in that place for getting better productivity.By using these applications you cannot only manage files but also complete so many tasks like batch renaming,hiding images and other media files,giving password protection to files.

If you want to use another file manager in your smartphone try these top 5 file manager for android.

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1. ASTRO File Manager with Clouds

Astro file manager is the powerful free file manager for every android mobile.It has great technology to search for missing files by separating the data into category wise and helps to maintain,retrieve the photos,videos,documents and all other stuff within minutes of time.

astro file manager


  • It has one new unique feature that file manager with clouds,yes now you can move files from one cloud storage to another cloud storage by just dragging and no need to download those files before.
  • It searches for all files and give instant results from all over the locations.
  • You can hide the files with simple way or you can also protect them using password protection.
  • Get clouds settings easily by just swiping the screen to right and get some useful tools by swiping screen to the left.
  • It has another great feature which indexes the previous search data to speed up the searching in future.

2. ES File Explorer File Manager

Es file explorer file manager is the top choice of every android user because it gives vast features for free of cost.It already crossed 200 million downloads and still the count is increased.It is also rated as one of the best resource management tools on android market.It perform all file operations effectively by using less system resources.

es file explorer


  • File manager performs various operations on all files stored in mobile.
  • Application manager creates backup files,uninstall applications and categorize applications.
  • It had built in zip and rar support to compress and uncompressed zipped files and folders.
  • It also had built in video player to play all types of video and audio files from the application and you can view images on application.
  • By using remote file manager you can access all files of your mobile from computer.
  • It had ultimate collection of cloud storage networks support to send files and share files with your friends.

3. File Expert

File expert is the new one to this file manager category but got good impression from the user reviews and at the same time it works well on all android devices.It also have similar features like other file managers but it has pleasant interface and every one can easily manage files with this application.

file expert


  • It helps users to find out their files which are not easy to find from various locations.
  • It has one unique feature that is it supports multi tab functionality.
  • You can access and manage files which are stored on cloud storage networks using gcloud.
  • It has file downloader also with pause/resume support.
  • Web pc suite allows you to access your mobile from internet browser.
  • Powerful text editor,image viewer and archive manager to view different types of files on file expert.

4. File Manager

File manager which includes the main name of the application category and organize all files in a detailed manner for future use.It searches for files by gathering all aspects.If you are new to this type of application then this is the best choice for you.

file manager


  • You can use it on any android device like mobile,tablet because it has multi resolution support.
  • It plays streaming media from LAN,FTP and cloud storage without downloading them.
  • Compressing and decompressing support is available
  • You can sort large amount of files with one click and show them in grid view for better functionality.
  • It have built in text,image viewer and also play swf files using swf player.

5. AndroZip File Manager

AndroZip file manager is the well known popular file manager application which is developed by famous antivirus company AVG labs.They already develop free antivirus application for android users and now they develop free file manager with the name of android file manager.

androzip file manager


  • Organize all types of files by allotting separate categories like images,videos,apps etc.
  • It has full support for decompressing the encrypted archive with AES 256 standard.
  • Hide files with one click and sort all types of files in different styles.
  • You can also send the archive files through email
  • It install apk files directly using app manager and also ends high memory usage applications with task manager.

That’s it these are the top 5 file manager for android.I hope these list of file managing applications useful to all android users.

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Top 20 Indian Blogs Based on Alexa Ranking

Indian bloggosphere is tremondously growing day by day and many new blogs are born daily.In this article we listed the best blogs of India based on Alexa Ranking.That too we are considering only the Indian Alexa Ranking. – Harsh Agarwal

Shout Me Loud mainly focus on How to blog,Blogging tips,SEO,Wordpress,make money guides,Web Tools,Internet Tools and etc.It is founded by Harsh Agarwal in 2008. Recently he was featured in week magazine.
  • Author: Harsh Agarwal
  • Alexa: 3161
  • Page Rank: 4
  • Alexa India: 354
Fonearena is blog which mainly focus on Mobiles.You can get all latest update like releasing Information,specializations and prices of branded mobile like Nokia,Apple,Samsung and etc.This blog is founded by Varun Krishnan
  • Author: Varun Krishnan
  • Alexa: 3593
  • Page Rank: 4
  • Alexa India: 357 – Amit Agarwal

Labnol so called Digital Inspiration is One of Top blog in India.It was launched in 2004 by Amit Agarwal.In Labnol we can find Tricks,Tips ,How to Guides,News ,tech updates and much more.With Labnol Amit Agarwal turned as full time blogger and made his mark in blogging in India.

  • Author: Amit Agarwal
  • Alexa: 2530
  • Page Rank: 6
  • Alexa India: 409
This blog formerly called as Pluggd but now to give some branding value changed to NextThingWhat. Its founded by Ashish Sinha. This blog mainly focus on  Tech Entrepreneurs,Start ups,Digital Information,News and various business news in India.
  • Author: Ashish Sinha
  • Alexa: 6607
  • Page Rank: 6
  • Alexa India: 518 Shradha Sharma

    Yourstory founded by Shradha Sharma in 2008.This blogs niche is Entrepreneurship.You can find article mainly related to  entrepreneurs.If you are a MBA student then it’s must to check this blog.
    • Author: Shradha Sharma
    • Alexa: 6501
    • Page Rank: 6
    • Alexa India: 580 Imran Uddin

    This Blog Mainly Focus on Making Money Online, Blogging,SEO,Affilate Marketing,Tips,tricks and much more.All Tech Buzz founded by young pro-blogger and Entrepreneur Imran Uddin in 2011.

    • Author: Imran Uddin
    • Alexa: 11937
    • Page Rank: 4
    • Alexa India: 925 – Ankit Kumar Singla

    This blog primarily focus on Blogging Tips and tricks for newbies.Ankit is a young blogger covers topics related to Blogger and Wordspress.
    • Author: Ankit Kumar Singla
    • Alexa: 7306
    • Page Rank: 0
    • Alexa India: 1113
    9lessons is a blog mainly focus on stuff related to web designing,web programming field,social media and much more.This blog is founded by a Srinivas Tamada from chennai. He is web
    designer by profession.His wall script which is similar to facebook wall made him more famous.
    • Author: Srinivas Tamda
    • Alexa: 7518
    • Page Rank: 4
    • Alexa India: 1370 Nagi

    This Blog if founded by Kulwanti Nagi.The name of Blog itslef telling that it is related to blogging.Here you can find Blogging realted articles,SEO,tips and much more.this blog is helpful for newbie bloggers.
    • Author: Kulwant Nagi
    • Alexa: 17244
    • Page Rank: 2
    • Alexa India: 1368
    This is another best tech blog in India.This blog is founded by Prabhudesai in 2007.He mainly writes on Entrepreneurship,Business Trends in India and Start ups.
    • Author: Prabhudesai
    • Alexa: 17368
    • Page Rank: 5
    • Alexa India: 1475 Sandeep

    This Blog is founded by Sandeep and Gautham. Here you can find article related to programming, Algorithms,Interview questions and much more.
    • Alexa: 19094
    • Page Rank: 2
    • Alexa India: 1650
    This Blog mainly focus on How-to Guides,Linux,Mobile,iPhone,WordPress etc. Techlila was started by Rajesh Namse
    • Alexa: 19049
    • Page Rank: 4
    • Alexa India: 2059
    In this blog you can find articles related to Android,How-to Guides, Blogging, SEO, Computers, Making Money Online etc.This Blog is Founded by young Blogger Vinay Goud in 2013.
    • Author: Vinay Goud
    • Alexa: 23271
    • Page Rank: 0 (No PR update since Blog started)
    • Alexa India: 2172 Amit Bhawani

    This Blog is founded by Amit Bhawani one of top blogger in India.He Owns more then 40 blogs.Android Advices name itself telling that its blog related to Android and Mobiles.
    • Author: Amit Bhawani
    • Alexa: 15665
    • Page Rank: 4
    • Alexa India: 2308

    15.TechGyd- Saurabh Saha

    This Blog is founded by a Delhi based blogger Saurabh Saha.This Blog mainly focus on How-to guides,Tech news,social media,Info graphics etc.
    • Auhtor: Saurabh Saha
    • Alexa: 17036
    • Page Rank: 4
    • Alexa India: 2333
      This blog is started by two college friends Atish and Zainil in 2011.Here you can find articles related to SEO,Social media,PC tricks etc.
      • Alexa: 27896
      • Page Rank: 4
      • Alexa India: 3634 Jasphal Singh

      This Blog mainly focus Internet Tips,Social media,software etc.This blog was started by Jasphal Singh in 2009.
      • Author: Jasphal Singh
      • Alexa: 20402
      • Page Rank: 4
      • Alexa India: 4172 Abhijeet Mukherjee

      Guiding Tech is a blog where you can find How to guides,software,web apps tips and tricks.This Blog is founded by Abhijeet Mukherjee.
      • Alexa: 16815
      • Page Rank: 4
      • Alexa India: 4398
      This blog give the latest information related to Technology. Techpp is founded by Raju PP in 2008.This blog mainly covers Gadgets and Web tools.
      • Author: Raju PP
      • Alexa: 23250
      • Page Rank: 4
      • Alexa India: 4783

      20.Hellboundbloggers- Pradeep Kumar

      Hellboundbloggers is founded by Pradeep kumar. This Blog has more then 600 authors who made this blog successful.This blogs mainly focus on Blogging,WordPress,Technology etc.
      • Author: Pradeep Kumar
      • Alexa: 25613
      • Page Rank: 4
      • Alexa India: 6826
      If we missed out any blog do let us know in your comments.Do let us know whats your favourite blog?